❤ Cat Goes Meow Meow Meow ❤


It's annoying kan bila a tune get stuck in your head and you can do nothing but to repeat it again and again and again and again. You get the picture right? And it is more annoying when the tune is a ridiculous one. Recently, I had stumbled upon a rhyme that my kid love like whoah! So, I left the video on repeat, leaving my lil princess enjoying herself and allowing me to do a bit housework here and there. But today, I can't seem to stop singing the tune - much to my baby's joy! Haha

Be careful, it might get stuck in your head too! 

Lately, I had come to the realization that my baby loves cat. Well, since I love cat, and had been meowing to her since her birth, it is only natural for her to like that cute cuddly creature too, no? I think so. So, whenever we came accross a cat nowadays, we had to stop for she would be meowing and pointing to the cat. And hey, you can't say no when you lil baby is overjoyed over something. Never. If that made her day; it made my day too.

Yesterday, back from having breakfast, a cat followed us. She *pregnant cat* followed us from the corridor, get in the elevator, and tailed us to our front door. Just her luck that we had leftover fish in the fridge. I fed her some rice with fish and all the while she was eating, lil baby can't stop meowing! It was beautiful to watch - REALLY! =)

Pretty cute for a stranded cat

A kitten my baby found while playing in the park

My hope is that she wouldn't grow up to be like me - picking up stranded cats. At one time, I had 11 cats in the house and it multiplied by 2 6 months later. I think I had enough share of cats in this life time. Well, simply because, in this house of ours, we do not have room for even 1 number of tiny little kitten. I swear!


P/S: Tapi kalau Blue Russian Cat, boleh kan? Haha


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