❤ Delish Offer ❤

Still having Moday blues?
Don't. Weekend will come again soon enough!
Till then, toughen up, stride confidently with your head held up high!

So, I think Groupon is a well known name lately right? It's been an absolute delight to have Groupn in my life. Since I stumbled upon the website almost 2 years ago, Groupon had been my best friend. We had bought numbers of vouchers from there; mostly on food and dining. It's a good concept you know; to explore new things and save money along the way. It wouldn't hurt knowing such offers available that you could grab your hands on. In a way, it encourage us to do and experience more. That's what I think anyway. Along the way, the offers get wider and better. I it!

Today, I found a new irresistible offer that I can't pass. I can, but I'll regret it! It is one of a kind delish yummy offer that make me go YAY all inside. The whole family will love this!

*pictures taken from website*

What is it you ask? Handmade, Edible Candy Bra!
Yes, I typed BRA.

Awesome isn't it. And it's RM29 only instead of RM99. You (and by that I mean I) saved RM70 - that's 71% off.
I love it because it's fun and cute and can be eaten.
My baby will love it because it's candy - who doesn't love candy!
And Mr. Hubby... Well, again, who doesn't love candy right?

That's one offer.
If you would like to see other offers, go visit Groupon website. It's fun, worth your time, and your money. =)
I should be a Groupon ambassador =D

i should go tend to my sleeping child now, there's a Kompang Club for this Taman community, and they had started practicing. It will be matter of time before my baby wake up to the horrifying sound of Kompang practice. *sigh*

Good night all.


P/S: When we get rich sayang, let's buy a soundproof house! =)


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