❤ a different kind of tired ❤

❤ Assalamualaikum.
First and foremost, I want to wish all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Lets together we seek for the true meaning of sacrifice in this life. And, selamat tumbangkan lembu weh! Meat lovers out there - enjoy; but still, be thankful. =)

I am always tired nowadays, it kind of starting to bug me. When I do lots of work, I will be dead tired. When I didn't (like today), I am dead tired. By the time my baby sleeps, I would be too tired to do anything that I have planned in my head. This fatigue is making me weak. And I am tired of feeling weak. You know what I mean?

Most of the time, I tried to be brave about it, try not to show it too much. But people do realize it I think. And it is kind of embarrassing to think about it. Working moms, how do they do it? They would laugh at my face if they know how tired I am all the time. I suck! Any idea why this is happening? Is anybody experiencing the same thing? Today, I tried to break some ice from its container and try as I might, nothing happened. Nothing. How helpless can you get eh?

This is going to be a long great week.
Can't wait to post on my stories next.

Till next time,

Have a god time with families and friends.

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