❤ The Drug That Is Coffee ❤

❤ Coffee lovers, raise your mug up high, and lets thank God the Almighty for the creation of coffee beans. And for those who are wise and wicked enough to find the said beans and processed those beans into the drink that we sips every single day today, very much THANK YOU. Seriously, where would our world be today without coffee eh?

That's me being over dramatic as usual.

But, in all seriousness, who doesn't like coffee right? I wasn't such a fan back when I was young. Actually, my love for coffee develops in recent time after I had my baby. Well, you see, I used to drink too much coffee around 2007; back when I was working hard and had to work split shifts fr almost 2 months. Coffee gave me the energy I much needed at that time, and easy excess for great coffee at the restaurant I was working at actually drove me to drink more coffee that I intended. Plus, I wasn't going to pass the opportunity on drinking RM11 per cup coffee for free. *yes, I am cheap that way* =P

Anyway, after that I stopped. Stopped altogether, for I thought that I ad too much. I get sicked of drinking coffee. But, recently, I realized that drinking this thick dark substance actually helped me. Keep me energized. Keep me alert. Keep me on my toes - so to speak. It did alarmed me though that I am breastfeeding my child, and from thorough research, a glass per day will do the baby no harm. And, through my own analytic observation, me drinking coffee leave no affect whatsoever to my child. =)

And why is this entry about Coffee you asked?
We just ran out of coffee in this household! 
And I'm not settled.. Blah...
Who knows what will happen next?

Note to self, need to always stash some coffee in the house!!!

Good night everyone... or better yet, Good Coffee-less Night everyone!


P/S: Sayangku, nanti kita beli coffee machine nak x? =)


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