❤ Masak-masak, Makan-Makan ❤

❤ Hello lovelies!!! =)

Good Morning to all. Apa khabar anda semua hari ni? Harap2 sihat, moga2 hari ini lebih baik dari semalam. Ya Allah Ya Tuhan Kami, Kau permudahkanlah urusan kami dan curahkanlah rahmatMu ke atas diri2 kami yang kerdil ini. Amin.

If you hadn't already notice, our hobby circulated on two things and two things only, jalan2 and makan2. Today, I would focus on the makan2 part. Where is the joy in life if not during makan2 time right? One thing about Mr. Hubby is, he is easily pleased when it comes to food. How easy you ask? Super easy! He would eat everything that you give to him, and most of the time he will finish it in record time. And when I'm cooking, he would eat like there is no tomorrow. Sangat syok masak untuk En. Hubby ni. And believe it or not, I have said it multiple times, if he was to be in a food commercial; that food company are going to make millions if not billions out of him. Dia mkn buat semua org lapaq, betul x tipu! =) One day I ought to film him eating and you'll see. Haha!

Anyway, nowadays, I tend to cook everyday - as much as I can. Why? First, because I want my child to eat my home-cooked meal everytime, for I know what I put in that food and how I handle the cooking process - would hopefully be good for my child health and growth. Secondly, I need to polish on my cooking skills which are non-existence before my marriage. Yes, I do not know how to cook prior to our weeding. Thus this is important because, I know for a fact when my child(ren) grows they would request for things to eat and if I don't know how to cook and have to check on the cookbooks all the time, what kind of mother would I be? Booohooo... malu tak nanti? Malu kan? Ha, tau pun! So, anak2 perempuan, blaja la masak awal2. Thirdly, it is somewhat satisfying - to cook for my husband, to serve him, to see all my dish gone, it is very satisfying at times, even though I do not enjoy eating what I cook most of the time. It is a bit tough work though, cooking with a baby in your left arm, stopping every 15 minutes to soothe your crying child. But it works, and I think I am getting better nowadays. Bth at cooking and coping with a attention seeking baby while doing so! =)

Actually, what inspired this post was the fact that I cooked one of Mr. Hubby favorite food. Idli. If you do not know what that is, it's OK. I never know what it is until Mr. Hubby introduced it to me. Apparently, Idli is a famous healthy food known to the Indians (originated from South Indian) and quite surprisingly can be found at most kedai mamak. And, for the first time in my life I make those Idli, and to my surprise, it wasn't disastrous. I cooked some dhal and tomato chutney too. And Mr. Hubby liked it, ate all 14 pieces of the Idli, and I was super happy! Lain kali nak buat lagi! =D

 This is how Idli should look like
 Mine looked like this
 Ambik, besar2 nak mampos, kau ade? =P

And the reason for the unfortunate shapes of my Idli is because the lack of equipment to cook them. Hey, I do not own the special cooker to make Idly like so:

So, I used this instead:

And, I steamed using the rice cooker. Or else, my Idli will look perfect kay? Haha, when you do not have what it takes to make good food; improvised. Tak cantik takpe, janji usaha ada! Haha...


With that, I bid you goodbye! =) Talk to you soon!




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