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Hello ❤,
How are we all doing?

I was fond on telling stories about Hari Raya Aidiladha, but now, as I am trying to write, I realized that there's not much to tell! It was a typical Raya, gathering of families, good GREAT foods, awesome time, and over-eating of meat.

Furthermore, Mr. Hubby, being the strong man he is, however fell sick for 2 days after Raya. Maybe it was the spending half of the day in the sun 'melapah' lembu, maybe it was eating to much meat or maybe it was his time to get sick. Albeit, he had not had any fever for the past year; the last time he had one, I was pregnant with the baby and it turned out he wasn't having a fever, he was having what is supposedly MY morning sickness. Haha, and this time around, he did ask me in case I was preggy. But no, No Sir no, I am not. *YET* =P

Over the course of these few days, when there are lots of people, they are gonna have a lot to say - about almost anything and everything. They will talk about things that matter and they will talk about things that they do not have any business sticking their nose into. I am not being defensive or snobby, but sometime *well, most of the time* I think it is best to know where you stand and let people do what they do. I mean, my way may not be the right way, but it works for me. so, people should respect that. And your way seemed off to me, but it' yours so I let you be. Why could you not do the same? I learnt that there is no point being offended by these talks and looks. So, I put n my best smile and nodded. Take nothing too personal and forget about it afterward. Nice policy, ain't it? =)

But I do want to state here, my baby is spoiled, but not rotten.
Dia manja kena gayanye.
Dan, sye akan marah pada anak sye bila perlu dan kena tempatnye.
Anak sye tak pernah sekalipun menyusahkan sye, sye tak pernah rasa susah, dan kalau susah pun xpe, SYE yang tangung susahnya, bukan kamu semua! =)

So, mengenagkan sye sebenarnya tak mempunyai cerita untuk diceritakan, sye pun terasa nak mengupload video anak kesayangan. Video ni adalah di kala baby ni sedang gembira sakan. Terhenjut2 dengar lagu kesukaan, siap menyanyi lagi tau di akhir video tu nanti. Takpe, kali ni sye upload waktu gembira si kecil ni. Lain kali, video di hari si kecik moody. Tapi, video tu harus di-ratekn PG13; sebab anak ni menangis sendiri mcm kena pukul bertubi2! =) 
Anak sye ni memang mcm tu - mewarisi sifat2 Drama Queen ala2 ibu tercinta! Tu cerita lain kali! 

Kalau nak tau, tu la alunan yg boleh buat anak sye tergedik2. Peminat setia Dhuha ni tau =)

Harini, sye ada misi nak mengemas rumah. Nanti Sabtu PIL nak datang. Haha, baru tau kelam kabut nak mengemas yer kau Mak Ngah! Bukan ape, kalau si ibu yg tak kerja ni rumahnye bersepah2, malu la!

OK lah, sye nk mula bekerja sekejap. Jumpa lagi!


P/S: Anak dah nk dekat setahun bru kita buat bilik khas untuk baby! =)


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