❤ Art Time ❤

It seem like  the raining season is making it's appearance once again this year. Day after day we had been blessed with either a small amount of rain or a heavy one. I personally have no problem with raining season. As a matter of fact, I quite enjoy it. I like the sound of the rains and I love the smell of the day after rains. I had always associate rainy days with a sense of calmness; clarity.

One small thing with this raining season nowadays though, is that we can't no longer go on with our 'going to the park' routine. Everyday, at about 6.00PM, I would prep my lil baby up for a little fun at the park. Fortunate for me, the park is just right in front of our apartment, so we could just take a stroll and spend our evenings at the park. She also takes much fun indulging herself with the playground toys/equipments which up till now, still too big for her. And since she had been able to walk, I think going to the park had always been the highlight of her day.

Anyhow, with all the rains, I needed to think of new ways to entertain her evening. Thus, art time started operation! Some water color, big white canvas *or manila cards in this case*, some brushes and a whole lot of empty spaces you don't mind getting paint splatters on, and whoalla - the next Michelangelo on the way [the girl version]. =P

I let her experiments with lots of techniques that I know she would enjoy. Finger printing, foot printing, splattering paints, stamping of all kinds of materials and color combinations. But, close monitoring is required; being an almost 12 months old toddler, she still occasionally have urges to put these paints in her mouth - especially when dealing with reds. Yummy looking I supposed. This activity is also not recommended to those who do not like the possibility of cleaning up a huge massive mess afterwards. Kerja pembersihan lagi lama dari proses menghasilkan karya itu sendiri! =P

But hey, when you kid loves something, you just have to support it right? Err, as long as the paint won't leave a permanent mark, I'm OK with it. =)

Working masterpiece
 One of the work done. I ought to open a gallery one day. =)

By the way, I might be a bit late on this but Whoah! It's already December!
Cepatnya masa berlalu! 



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