❤ Cartoons That I Will Never Let My Children Watch ❤

Sye demam beberapa hari ni.
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Let's talk about cartoons to get rid of the remaining bugs in the system. =)
Who doesn't like cartoons right? I am quite sure each and everyone of us would have a favourite cartoon or cartoons to watch while they were growing up.

Me, until now, every once in a while I would love to just sit back and flip through cartoons channels all day long. Cause I love 'em. Love watching cartoons that it wasn't funny at! My dad used to complaint that I watched to much cartoon up to the age of 24. Hey, one will never be too old to watch cartoons.

But, cartoon back then was soooo much different from toons now. Somehow, toons back then were funnier, more relaxing and memorable. Who could ever forget the likes of classics such as Mickey Mouse and Friends [the classic version not the clubhouse version], Popeye and Thudercats. Ahh yes, I was a big fan of Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats!


Some of these classic cartoons, they do remake of it, but it is never the same. People identify more with the classics rather than the remake version. Woody Wood Pecker, Road Runner, Taz Mania, Bugs Bunny; the old version had much more fun than the new ones. I rest my case.

Now, it is no secret that the new cartoons now also had their own appeals. Some are not bad. But, I doubt it will be deemed timeless like the cartoons I had mentioned above.

Dexter Laboratory, Fairly Odd Parents, Power puff Girls and Ben 10 are among of the toons that I can associate with these days. Like I said before, these cartoons are not bad at all. Just not THE BEST.

So, bila perempuan ni  nak start sentuh pasal tajuk entri ni?
Sekarang lah! =)

So, with that been said, I think nowadays there are too much cartoons that are so out of mind, it's unacceptable. Cartoons that I will never let my children watch?

Teacher's Pet. Visually, this cartoon is not appealing at all and the storyline sucks!
Downright disgusting. Eating booger and farting on people faces are not among things that I want to teach my child. Thank you. Though, personally, I love this cartoon; but for kids, oh hell no.
Kappa Mikey. I do not get this cartoon at all. Why is Mikey is drawn such way and other such? and Guano, what the heck is a guano? Lol.
Catdog. While this toon has it's moment, half dog and half cat creatures do not make any sense what so ever. I do not want my child to get confused.

Ahh, Real Monster. Erks!!! That's all I have to say.

I am not being overly strict on what my child should watch or not but I do think boundaries should be set. So that they know what is good and what is not for them. The term mother knows best does not very often proven true. What a child want can clash with what a mother want but that doesn't mean that what the mother one should always win. You do not know what your child is thinking. But, in this case, you do not want your child watching cartoons that make no sense and leave them confused and baffled in the end. That's my purpose of this boundary of mine. =)

And, there is ONE cartoon that is not all that much morale lesson providing but I'll let my kids watch anyway! What is it?


Why? Because they are a bunch of funny skiddle doers that I myself love to death! LOL!



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