❤ Gadgets and A Toy ❤

Busy much?
Heh! As if!

Hello world. Good Thursday morning loves.
Weekend is around the corner again. Really, where did the last 4 days go? Sometime I think 24 hours is not enough for a day in this life. Then again, who am I to complaint? Instead, I should be thankful that at least I still survive, waking up this morning, to survive another day; blessed with this small beautiful family of mine. Alhamdulillah Ya Tuhan. =)

The past days had been filled with nieces - 3 nieces and lil baby of course. Kinda exciting to see my girl trying to be friends with older girls. She's growing up - definitely. And being able to watch her grow in front of my eyes is so rewarding. Will post about the nieces story later.

Yesterday, the eTouch phone I purchased for FIL from Groupon arrived. Heh. Such a light phone. Saved RM100. Payment made on Monday and since Monday was a public holiday, it means it took them 2 processing day to deliver. Not bad. Yay again to Groupon! =)

And, we acquire a Sony Cyber Shot camera. No, we did not buy it. Somehow, it ended up in our hand and in our home. Yet to use it, yet to decide whether to make use of it or not. *Jual laku kot*. Still looked new from the exterior. Anyone want to buy? Sye tolak2 kasi murah punye =P

Oh, and there's a new squirrel in the house. A soft toy; present from Big Aunty for baby. It is her first soft toy. We had never buy her any, it had always been solid toys. I just don't see the need to let her run around with a soft toy I think. Never really thought about why I never bought her one. Come to think about it, all her toys are educational related.*sigh* Say something about me ain't it? LOL.

Anyhow, being cat-crazed as she is, she kept 'meow'ing at that thing. I kept telling that that's a squirrel, not a cat. She'd blink once and twice, smile, and continue meowing. Haha, suka hati lah wahai anak - janji kamu bahagia. A happy cat!

Ok, need to go cook now.
Will be back later.
Take care.


P/S: Hari ni ada org nak bawak sye pergi beli lampu.... wohooooo!!!! =)


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