❤ Pooling Round ❤

Hello world!
How are we doing today?
Last time I did mentioned that lil baby had some fun time with her cousins didn't I? Coincidentally, my 2 nieces from Sarawak came back to stay with PIL for good and my sister also came to visit with my precious lil niece. So last Thursday, we went to visit them all. Baby was stoked to see her cousins. And 2 year old Qis couldn't have enough of lil baby. It's sooo sweet and touching to watch 2 little girls who lives miles apart could be so attached to each other. They couldn't stop hugging and kissing each other - it's the sweetest thing ever, I swear.

That  morning Qis asked lil baby to joined her in the pool. So, we set up the blow up pool at my mom's porch and woalla, they had too much fun. That was the 1st time baby entered a pool for we had only brought her to the river. She was overjoyed, splashing away with all her might. Sampai merah2 mata tau. 

 Notice the pampers? Haha... baby going comando!
 Smiles all around
Plus, they both love to pose for the camera. Hillarious =)

Wish that they'll stay a bit longer so that they can spend more time together.
Oh, by the way, with the 2 other cousins, I didn't have time to take out the camera for the other 2 are 6 and 7 years old. More hands-full to watch over than you could ever imagined. LOL. But, the next visit, will try my best to snap some more pics.
Meanwhile, enjoy the video I took. Please kindly ignore the background voice. Mom felt like chit chatting! =)

Till next time =)



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