❤ Treating Ourselves ❤

Saturday is here. Writing as my lil baby just get back to sleep after getting up at 6 plus AM today. I at least have half an hour estimated time to blog. So, this is going to be a fast one. =)

Couple of days back, we decided to treat ourselves for a Lebanese cuisine meal. So, we went to Tarbush Restaurant for lunch. Well, more like brunch since we arrived at the restaurant at around 11.30am. Beat the lunch-rush; the restaurant was basically empty and we had a good time having meal for ourselves. We had been eying the restaurant for ages, just hadn't had any chance or willingness to actually go and eat there. So, we decided why not? Something different for our taste buds might do us some good. Hari2 pun makan kedai mamak tak syok jugak kan? =P

Let's see what we ate shall we.

Tabouleh Salad - A unique salad of chopped parsley, tomatoes & onions, with just the right touch of lemon juice & olive oil

For some reason, it tasted minty and fresh. The lemon juice definitely enhance the taste of the salad. Kinda yummy for salad. And lil baby loved this dish too!

RM 11.00

 Lamb Briyani for Mr. Hubby - Biryani rice served with succulent lamb chunks

Generous portion for a person. The lamb was juicy and meaty, and the rice had this light herb-like tingly which was quite mouth watering. Again, lil baby loved this. Would be a favorite especially for lamb lovers. 

RM 22.00

 Tawook Sandwich for me - Grilled chicken meat wrapped in Lebanese bread with special sauce.

For a sandwich, this is pretty big. I was full after eating this. The chicken meat was grilled to perfection - not to dry with that smokey bits to it. Nom nom yum.

RM 11.00

For drinks we had Arabia Tea with Mint (in a small pot) with small tiny glasses - RM 6.50
and a bottle of mineral water - RM 2.20

It was all and all a good meal, worth a second visit. Or maybe third, forth, fifth and so on visits. =D
The service wasn't too bad too, not fast but not too slow that could irritates you. I would give this restaurant a 7 out of 10. Aisheh, ko ingat ko pengkritik restoran ke Ren oi nak bagi rating2 pulak? Hehe, takpe, sekali sekala.

Who could guess the total amount of our lunch that day? Come on, come on, I'll give you a virtual hug if you are correct! Haha. It all amounted to RM 57.95. Yes, jangan buat2 terbeliak mata k. That's why it's called a treat to ourselves. If we eat like this everyday, lil baby would be wearing the same diaper for 3 days straight. LOL. So, thank you Mr. Hubby for treating us. Sye sebut sekali, Mr. Hubby cepat2 bawak kami pergi. Seronok! =)

Here is the info of the restaurant:

Restoran Tarbush
Lot F26, 1st Floor, Ampang Point Shopping Centre,
Jalan Memanda 3, Ampang Point,
68000 Ampang, Selangor

Tel : 03-4253 4177

Happy weekend peeps! =)


Sayangku, nanti kita try menu lain pulak yer! Hahaha =))


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