❤ Fun Day Out ❤

Hello loves.
How are we all doing?
Good I hope.
We are doing extremely well, Alhamdulillah.

Last Tuesday, we went out for a little fun day out. Us and our two lovely sisters. We had tons of fun and little baby enjoyed her day so much I assume as she could not stop moving. Her hyperness sometimes beats me and my energy level. Especially when we are out and about. Yet, I am happy that she is one happy kid. My exhaustion will pass, but her happiness stays forever. Insyaallah. =)

So, that afternoon, we went out to have lunch at Hadramawt KL, the one situated beside the Royale Chulan Hotel. Courtesy of  Groupon voucher, we had a splendid meal that day. Keyang woi, macam nak pecah perut! 4 course meal each, with additional items ordered by Mr. Hubby. Sis in laws and Mr. Hubby choose lamb from the selected menu of Groupon while me, obviously I opt for chicken, always. (Booo... boring kau ni Ren!!) Haha. And as usual, once the food arrive, being savages we are, no time for picture taking. And I always regret not taking pictures, but there's nothing I can do about it. I mean, once the food arrive, the mind goes blank and the piranha mode starts attacking. Always the case *sigh*. So, I took the liberty to search for the food pictures from Mr. Google.

These are some of the food we ate. The mendy rice was superb!

 The interior of the restaurant is very pleasing. Lil daughter slept half the meal time giving mama time to eat in peace for a while =)

With full stomachs and time to spare, we then went bowling at Ampang Point. It was lil baby first bowling session. And, she was overjoyed. Can you imagine what's been going through that little mind seeing those colorful bowling balls and pins dropping everywhere?  I bet she had images and thoughts running wild. And she run wild too, that day. Best part is, the lane was her playground. Yes, penat kaki mama kejar takut jatuh. Kang tak pasal-pasal baby strike pulak! Haish. But then, it was fun seeing her exploring her new found world. =)

 Buat macam rumah sendiri yer nak! =)

Cam whoring session with lil baby

 Baby with her aunties

Sesudah bowling, kita massage badan dulu!

 Dan malam itu, lepas pulang, si kecil kepenatan bukan kepalang. Maka,

Selamat malam sayang [*_*]

Terima kasih kakak dan adik kami yang meluangkan masa dengan kami. Terima kasih MR. Hubby, belanja makan dan bergembira sekali. Terima kasih anak menjadi baby yang sporting dan ceria begini. Dan terima kasih Ya Tuhan kami, yang meminjamkan kami kebahagian ini, dan memberikan kami rezeki yang sama-sama dapat kami kongsi.

Itulah cerita sehari kami bersuka ria. Lepas tu, kembali pada rutin sehari-hari. Dan, kepada yang membaca, terima kasih, sudi2 datanglah lagi.

Till next time,



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