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Yes, I believe that I have the heart of art but I am a horrible artist. I admit it. As much as I would love to say that I have a huge talent in any kind of art, I actually don't. Boohoo. Yet, I always admire the work of arts of many and I do get inspired by them. And, even though I do not have any talent, or the talent are yet to be discovered '*_*, I love to try new work of arts every now and then. And, me, having a totally different life than I used to, doing these small projects give me a sense of clarity, and joy that can't be described. It is as if I've done something that is me. Got it? No? It give me a 'me' time, which is quite rare nowadays, hence, these projects make me feel more relaxed. =)

Lately, I had been entranced by the art of paper quilling. They are beautiful and unique in their own way. And to see the possibilities of all these artists doing their quilling, I decided to try quilling too. Yes, no spelling mistake there. QUILLING not quilting. 

This is my first take on paper quilling. Not bad I think for a first timer. Love it! Definitely gonna try do more stuff with it! =)

My end result are not as tidy and clean as most of the professionals are. But, I do these without any quilling tools, just using bamboo skewers and hand cut papers. So, I was quite happy with the result. Will try more soon. What do you think of my first paper art? =P


P/S: Tapi suami sye kata chantik!!! *sengih2 sampai telinga*

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Scarlett O'Hara said...

Memang cantik!Betul!Cuba tengok kraf felt akak buat.Cantik tak?

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