❤ Mama's Lil Helper ❤

A very good night to all.

As I'm waiting for Mr. Hubby to get home, I decided to make an entry for today. Lil baby had just fallen asleep about 15 minutes ago. My girl is a light sleeper. During the day, if she ad had a 15 minutes nap, that would be more than enough. During the day, a pin drop can wake her up from her minutes nap. I would try to work as silent as I can, and luck have it, most of the time, when I want to be quiet, the opposite will happen. Loud bangs, echoing thuds and screaming kids, all these will happen only and i mean ONLY when my kid try to sleep. *sigh* But, at night, she'll sleep soundly with one or two feeding times and goes right back to sleep. Save to say, my girl is an easy child. She never really had given us any major problem as yet. Anywhere we go, any time of the day, she seemed to be adapting well to her surrounding. But, with the exception of mama and bapak are always around. She'll open her eyes, search for mama, turn around for bapak, and with these 2 people around, she'll be fine. And that's quite nice to know yeah? =)

Lately, she had been a real good 'helper'. And, I decided to let her be. How else would she be able to explore her world if I restricted her to do anything just because I am afraid (or too lazy to care after) the mess. So, it's OK. No amount of work will be left unrewarded. Hopefully in this case, she'll grow up being as helpful as she is now! =)

Well, I think I'll stop ere.
There are bunch of papers need to be quilled! =)
Sweet dreams everyone.


P/S: Come back home soon Mr. Hubby. I miss you much ❤


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