❤ Monday Night Entry ❤

❤ Hello all,
 Hopefully we are all over our Monday blues.
Of course, being a stay at home mom, Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesdays or any other days won't matter. Works remain the same. But, I have to admit, some days are super good, and some are real bad. Depending on the day event. And all you have to do is to stay strong and make the best out of it. Plus, one look at that lil girl face, even the worst day can get slightly better. SLIGHTLY. But still, to think about it, most days are good. Just that I need to be a bit more patient because this girl, she can make my heart drop with things she's doing now. Kids will be kids right? 

Anyway, yesterday was a good day. We had been planning for a family vacation for quite a while now. Well, since we first got married. We never really had a specific 'honeymoon'. With the wedding bills and things to take care of after the wedding, we sort of put it on hold. Been planning since then. But never really happen. Yet, last month during the Air Asia promotion sale, I managed to grab tickets for us to go to Langkawi. We had always been talking to go there because a) I love Langkawi, b) Mr. Hubby had never been there 3) Lil baby seemed to love the beach. So, with deal of RM0 for departure and RM3 for return flights, it was a deal I can't say no to. Though the fare of infants are RM50 each time, lil baby flight fares are actually more expensive than mama and bapak's combined. Heh! 

With the flights booked, we are more than excited  to plan the ultimate gateway for the 3 of us. Since then we've been studying the place and activities that can be done. And, as if it had been destined, I learned about the Matta Fair from the local news. The next day, we went to the fair. Yes, it was Sunday, it was the last day of school holiday. We were expecting crowd but we wasn't expecting that kind of massive crowd! We had never been to this fair before, so obviously we underestimate the popularity of the event. But hell, after we ourselves check on the offers and prices, now we understand the hype of it all. Indeed, I would love to think it is a good decision to check out the deals.

With a mission in hand, we went in the fair will full force and straight away attack the Langkawi booth deals. After talking to many and studied our cases, we then grab a deal that beat the prices that we could get anywhere else. RM390 deal for 4D3N complete with car rental from arrival to departure. It was an awesome deal! Now we are overexcited waiting for October to come. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Did I said October? Yes. Haha *face palm* 7 months to go. But hey, there are many preparations to be made, things to think of and activities to be studied about! Not mentioning, the costing - we need to start saving for the vacation of our dream ya. =)

Well, from time to time I'll be updating on the vacation plan until the day comes. This will be more articulate than our wedding plan itself! No kidding! =P Along the way, who knows I would give others ideas and pointers on planning their vacations too right?

And first trip with lil baby; it as to be AMAZING! =)

Till next time,
Take care!

P/S: Sayangku, let's together plan the best vacation ever! Tak sabar nye!!! =)


Cute Mum said...

wah murahnya pakej tue sekali dengan car rental..
hotel kat mana?

Ren Din said...

Kan? Nak berdarah bijik mata tengok deal2 yang murah camni!
Hotel betul2 kat pantai chenang. Tanjung Mali. Hotel budget je. Tapi ada aircond dan kipas, kami on je =)

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