❤ That Time Of The Month ❤


Straight to the topic. What time of the month? Time gaji lah! Yabedabeduuuu! =)

And, because it is the time of the month of when all the pockets are full, you can see many many many people in the public generally and shopping mall specifically. And, same goes to us. We took the chance to go shopping.

Last month, during the Annual Dinner night at Mr. Hubby's work place, we were blessed enough to get RM400 Jusco voucher. Alamdulillah. And, being the non shoppers we are, the vouchers stayed still in my baby bags (officially deemed as my current handbag) for one month. People would jump to the chance to use the vouchers to shop for dresses or shoes or handbags at Jusco.

 RM400 worth of voucher

But we, what do we spend the RM400 for? BARANG DAPUR! Yes, we are boring like that. All RM400 for kitchens amenities and necessities. Makanan yang tak pernah-pernah makan pun jadi nak makan! Ngada-ngada nafsu selera ni kadang-kadang. So, we ended up buying RM444.60 worth of groceries. Usually, our groceries for a month will be around RM200 tops. But with the vouchers, we overspent. Biasalah tu kan. But, at the end, we end up paying RM44.60, which was enough to make me giddy all the way home.

Penuh satu trolli =)

Receipt wort of 2 seater sofa. Ni baru namanya bebelanja! =P

Pay for RM44. Others are free *bliss*

And, with the groceries more than complete, I get the spirit to clean up my kitchen yesterday. A to-do list that I had put off since we first gotten married. And today, I am in love with my kitchen! It is a blast actually to have everything on its own place and to find things easily. Now, I can cook easily and hopefully require less time since lil baby is having this habit of crying everytime I entered the kitchen.

Bigger scribblings are better. Senang nak baca.

And, as in on que, I need to go to tend to lil baby as she is in need of attention right now. Her separation anxiety is attacking in full mode lately. I am wondering why. *sigh*

 No more lollies. She didn't like it.

2 orang cinta hati saya =)

Till next time my friends,


P/S: Sehari dua hari ni kenyang makan bukan-bukan je lah yer lil baby! =)


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