❤ Oh, mood for love!

I love Sunday. Why? Because my Sundays always goes smoothly. I do not know why, but lil baby's mood seemed to be extremely well on Sundays. She'd be very cooperative, sporting and supportive throughout the day. And today is no exception. Done cleaning the house, washed the laundry, folded all clean clothes, cooked lunch, and ate lunch. Yes, I love it when a plan comes together! =) Eh, dah lari tajuk!

Well, since everything went too well, I was able to steal some time this morning to watch a lil TV. Woah, how did I do it? Amazing right? *pat self on the back* And, I happened to watch the making of the new 'The Vow' movie. Oh ya, the making, just the making, behind the scenes, BUT, I wept like a baby! Wept and wept and wept and can't seem to stop until the show end. Luckily it was half an hour or else lakiku balik nanti mata bengkak! This is one movie I just have to watch this year. Not at the cinema of course since lil baby do not like the cinema that much. But, I'll try downloading it once good quality RIP are available. Need to remind myself though, to keep boxes of tissues while watching. BOXES! =P

Don't believe me? This is one romantic story.

If you do not weep, great!
If you do, hugs for you! Incredible right? 
I mean, come on, Rachel McAdams. I had still have a huge crush on her since The Notebook.
And Channing Tatum, come on now, who doesn't cry watching Dear John?

Let's be the teenage hopeless romantics for a bit shall we.


P/S: Huhu, teringat masa baru-baru nak bercinta dulu. Maluuuuuu! [*_*']


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