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Blogging through IPod. Had been quite busy lately. Plus, the health constraints limit the time I'm able to spend online. Thus, the lack of update. Am currently at Senawang, enjoying the company of my big Sis and lol talkative 2 years old niece who is crazily in love with lol baby and vise versa. It is fun to see them interact with each other and how my child is joyfully having fun with another kid. She seemed so big now, ah, how time flies. Well, typing with iPod is an obvious pain in the bum so I'll try to update soon. :)
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ieja amieja said...

janji hupdet kan..

Karukord Jagau's said...

alamak...sepiking London laa....huhuhuuu

Mak Wardah said...

Salam kenal. blogging for me not just to kill the times but getting more experiences by knowing new peoples from different backgrounds and they fulfilling my life with useful knowledge. Goes the same while reading your blog.

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