❤ Holiday Mood Tak Habis-Habis ❤


Ini mode gembira kami. Ya, mood holiday kami belum habis walaupun dah seminggu kami pulang dari berholiday. Mood tu belum habis walupun semua 3 beranak dah sakit demam berhari-hari. Kenapa? Sebab holiday kami oh-so-awesome sekali! =)

If you remembered (which I doubt anyone but me would), back in February, I did a couple of entries telling how exciting I was on our plan to visit Langkawi. Turns out, months and months and months, I mean monthssss of preparation and bottled up excitement in silence could result in total dream blissful holiday. As we (and by WE I had meant ME), had planned things out and bought the most economical holiday there is, 4Days 3 Nights at Pulau Langkawi seemed not enough. Never, never will be enough, but we make do with the time we had. And it was super fun holiday for us =)

I will not go into lengths on our  activities there, for I doubt anyone would give a care. Plus, it could take years to write 'em up. But hey, I will share my itinerary on the next post. For now, as they say, pictures hold thousands words. And me, I will no doubt keep smiling each and every time I see these pictures cause all of the moments shared have a very special place in my heart. Thank you Allah for this happiness you are giving me right now. Alhamdulillah. =)

First flying experience for her. Truth be told, I was the one who was more nervous I think. Dia OK je. 

 Touchdown at Langkawi with a blazing hot weather. Dah sampai, haruslah pusing-pusing dan tengok pantai dulu. Subahanallah. Beautiful views everywhere we look. Mesmerizing almost.

 Due to our packed activities, after lunch he same day, we go and see the fishes, fishes, big fishes at The Underwaterworld Langkawi. Like usual, this nature-loving girl had a blast running around the big aquarium. Just look at the smile on that face. Precious! ❤

Cuba teka kami di mana? Haha... classic pictures of folks visiting Langkawi. Habis-habis helang tu jugak yang glamer.

 The next day at the Bird Paradise & Wildlife Park Langkawi. Ok, this is the best time on the whole trip. Maybe not, but well, safe to say we had tons and tons of fun here. Dan macam biasa keberanian anak lagi terserlah dari mamanya. '=_=

 These birds, these wonderful colourful pretty little birds, one day, when we have our own house and a big front green yard, I am going to have these birds as my pets and revel on them all day long.  That's how much I love these birds. Cantik sangat please!!!!!

 And maybe we could care for some rabbits too (since Aisyah love 'em too much)

 But no donkey ya honey. No, mama kata tak boleh, nanti rumah berbau donkey. =P

 Then, to Galeria Perdana and Craft Complex we venture on. Mama and bapak dah penat sikit kat sini, but Aisyah steady. Takpe, penat jalan Aisyah boleh merangkak lagi.

After that, to the cable car we go, we go, we go. Oh yes, scenery here is to die for. Subahanallah. =)

 At 700m above sea level, si kecik eat ice-cream and drank a whole tin of 100 plus. Lucky us you are still wearing diapers my baby =D

Next day was island hopping day. First time for the 3 of us. Tapi, temperature Aisyah was increasing the whole day. And after taking medicine, she was asleep almost the whole time. Tak merengek, cuma tidur  lebih. Kesian. But oh well, this only means we have to go back because Aisyah didn't get to experience the whole island hopping deal for real. Kan bapak? =P

 But still here and there, she get excited like she's all well =)

 Dan ini rupa budak pasrah being told it's time to go home. Haha. Kaki Jalan Till The End =)

 Dan ini pula. Ini aktiviti bapak dan anak hari-hari. Mandi laut di pagi-pagi hari. And oh my, my heart skipped a beat everytime I saw they moving further and further into the water. Tapi tengoklah, (ok mungking kamu tak nampak) betapa happynya mereka. And that's my dear friend, that's what made our days worth living for. =)

Ren Din

P/S: Planning next family vacation please. Ke mana pulak? =P